Navigating Life Changes with Smart Storage Solutions

Getting organised to move into a self storage unit

Life is characterized by a series of transitions - career changes, relocations, family
expansions, bereavements, alterations in relationship status or entering new life chapters. These can be eagerly anticipated or be completely unexpected. Planned or unplanned, life changes can be challenging and necessitate effective management, on both a personal and practical level.

In this blog we will explore 9 common life transitions and the role of self-storage in helping
you navigate these events:

1. Travelling

Self storage can be the key that unlocks your bucket-list itinerary, whether you’re
backpacking through Europe, or you’ve embarked on a road trip around Australia. There’s
no need to worry about your possessions when they are securely stored in a storage unit or locker until you return from your travels.

Rent a Space Self Storage offers flexible temporary storage options tailored to the needs of
Australian globetrotters. With a one-month minimum rental period and no lock-in contracts,
our secure storage solutions provide peace of mind, allowing you to explore the world
without compromising the safety of your possessions.

2. Relocating

Relocating to a new address intrastate, interstate or overseas for work or to reconnect with family involves navigating unique and often complex challenges. The key is having a plan for your possessions.

A storage unit takes some of the stress out of this situation by allowing you to organise and control the logistics, and safely store the items that you can’t take with you. Storing can provide flexibility, epecially if your relocation involves multiple stages or if you’re not sure what items you want to take with you. You can store them at Rent a Space, in one of our storage units, until you have a better idea of where they’ll fit in your new home.

3. Moving House

Moving house is one of the most stressful changes anyone can deal with. Whether you are
upsizing to meet the needs of a growing family or downsizing after the kids have left the
nest, a self-storage unit can house all the extra stuff you don’t have room for in the new
place, or have a sentimental attachment to but can’t bear to throw away.

A change in financial circumstances, whether due to increasing rents or higher interest rates, may prompt a change in lifestyle such as a move back to the family home to live with parents or into shared accommodation.

Either way, you’ll likely have excess furniture and household items to temporarily store. Rent a Space Self Storage provides a convenient storage solution, allowing you to safely and securely store your possessions with the flexibility of our one-month minimum rental period and no lock-in contracts.

4. Selling your home

Preparing your house for sale involves more than a coat of paint or freshening the landscaping. Real estate agents often advise their clients to clear their house of personal
effects and remove excess furniture to open up the floorplan. Potential buyers try to visualise themselves and their possessions in your home, so decluttered rooms will help them determine room size and layout.

Furniture, books, toys, photos, and other personal items can be safely stored in a storage unit before your home goes on the market, to keep your items in a secure location, open up the floor plan and create a more spacious appeal.

5. Getting Married

In preparation for sharing your life and living space with your beloved, there are many
decisions to make including what to do with all your collective stuff, which may be
duplicated if you haven’t been living together. If you and your partner are living in a small apartment as you save for a home, you may lack the space to keep the wedding gifts.

A self storage unit allows you to store excess or doubled up items until you decide what stays and what goes. It also gives you the ability to store everything, including your wedding gifts if needed, until you move into your new home.

6. Starting a Family

Having a baby can drive the need to create more space to accommodate the new arrival.
This may mean repurposing and decluttering living space, as the spare room or home office
become transformed into the new baby’s room. A storage unit is a practical way to store the
items cleared out of the spare room, especially large items of furniture like office desks,
cupboards and chairs, hobby equipment, suitcases, books and seasonal clothing.

7. Starting university

If you are relocating to attend university, a storage locker provides a safe, secure and
convenient solution for storing your personal belongings. It is invaluable especially if you are
living in shared dormitories or accommodation and need secure storage, or when you are
travelling during breaks and don’t want to take computers, electronic equipment, text books
and other valuables away with you.

8. Renovating

It is a truth universally acknowledged that regardless of the amount of careful planning,
home renovations can often blow out, and take more time and money than originally
thought. One of the most essential items in your plan should be a storage unit.

Whether you are renovating your kitchen or bathroom, repainting rooms, adding an
extension, or remodelling your entire home, you will likely need to move your belongings
out of the way. A self-storage unit can provide you with the space needed to store your
furniture, appliances, and other belongings.

This can help protect them from dust and damage. It also is a smart way of reducing clutter in your home during the renovation process and allow for easy access into the areas being worked on. Temporarily storing heavy items like dining tables, freestanding wardrobes and book cases saves you from frequent heavy lifting and manoeuvring, every time you need access to the wall, floor or ceiling above, behind or adjacent. 

9. Relationship Breakdowns

Unfortunately, life changes aren’t always positive or pleasant. A bereavement, breakdown of a relationship, separation or divorce can be emotionally challenging, and deciding what to do with shared possessions and the things that have accumulated over time can add to the stress.

Self storage offers breathing space to temporarily keep these belongings until you are ready to make decisions and alternative arrangements. Storing at Rent a Space gives you the flexibility and peace of mind to storeve your belongings and  minimise disruption, without committing to a long contract.

Benefits of Storing at Rent a Space 

Rent a Space Self Storage understands the financial considerations during these transitions and offers exclusive benefits:


  • No fixed contracts and no long term commitments, store for as long or as little as
    you need to, with one month the minimum period.
  • Our self storage units are available in a large range of sizes and configurations, so
    you will be able to choose the size that best suits your needs.
  • Clean, secure and modern storage facilities.

Peace of Mind

  • State of the art security measures such as CCTV, personal pincode access and your
    own lock are our standard protocols to secure your belongings.


  • Convenient locations and access hours mean your belongings are in easy reach,
    every day of the year.

Free Truck & Driver Move In

Affordable value

  • No Lock-In Contracts: Enjoy freedom and flexibility without committing to lengthy contracts.
  • Free Truck and Driver: Simplify your move with our complimentary truck and driver service.
  • Free Trailer Hire: Access additional space for your move at no extra cost with our free trailer hire.
  • Refer a Friend: Once you're moved in, you can refer a friend to get $50 credit for both you and your friend. 

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