Rent a Space Queanbeyan: Finalist in the SSAA Storage Awards 2023

Award winning facilities and service at Rent a Space Queanbeyan

Rent a Space has once again solidified its position as a leader in the self-storage industry, earning the distinguished honor of being a finalist in the Self Storage Association of Australasia’s (SSAA) 2023 Storage Facility of the Year (over 500 units). This recognition is a testament to Rent a Space's commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction, and innovative, sustainable practices.

A crown befitting a storage "Quean" (or king)

In January 2023, Rent a Space proudly opened its 15th facility in Queanbeyan, a cleverly designed storage centre boasting 940 secure units constructed in two stages. This facility, situated on the remediated site of a former Caltex Service Station, symbolizes Rent a Space's dedication to providing state-of-the-art storage solutions in a customer-focused environment.

Rent a Space Queanbeyan stands out not just for its expansive storage options but for its exceptional customer service. The store staff, led by Store Manager Leonie Korres and Assistant Store Manager Marianne Baxter, go above and beyond to ensure a seamless experience for every customer. Their commitment extends beyond the facility walls, as evidenced by the centre’s sponsorship of the Jerra Joeys Junior Netball team, fostering strong connections within the local community.

Storage Units Canberra

Eco-Friendly Building Practices for ACT storage

One of the facility's defining features is its commitment to eco-friendly, sustainable building practices. From energy-efficient materials to water capture and bioretention, solar panels, passive daylighting, and eco-landscaping, Rent a Space Queanbeyan sets a new standard for environmentally conscious storage facilities. With 16 MWh of solar power already produced and 13 tonnes of CO2 emissions saved to date, it stands as a beacon of sustainable construction in the storage industry.

Rent a Space Queanbeyan is not just a storage facility; it's a blend of cutting-edge industrial and retail design aesthetics with sustainable functionality. The sleek, elegant lines, accentuated by dramatic strip lighting, create a secure yet sophisticated facade. The modern grey cladding and orange roller doors exude professionalism and sturdiness, while the white roof cladding contributes to sustainability by keeping the building cooler.

A Storage Triumph: Team, Community, and Customer

The success of Rent a Space Self Storage at Queanbeyan is attributed to the outstanding management team and dedicated staff who have embraced their roles in the self-storage industry. This facility marks Rent a Space's foray into regional areas, and the Queanbeyan storage team has not only excelled in providing top-notch service but has also become an integral part of the local community.

The team's commitment to Rent a Space's values—empathy, honesty, humility, courtesy, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence—has resonated with customers, resulting in an impressive 4.9 Google Star Rating. Their involvement with local residents, businesses, and sports organizations has further solidified Rent a Space's brand as an authentic, community-centric storage provider.

Future-Ready Self Storage: The Rent a Space Tech Stack

Rent a Space Queanbeyan stands at the forefront of technology integration, employing a robust tech stack that enhances employee operations, ensures a seamless customer experience, maintains a pristine facility, and prioritizes sustainability. The focus on secure, convenient access, and a family culture reflects Rent a Space's commitment to providing the best in the industry.

As a finalist in the SSAA Storage Facility of the Year 2023, Rent a Space Queanbeyan is not just a storage solution; it's a shining example of operational excellence, customer-centricity, and sustainability. The journey from a former service station site to a state-of-the-art storage facility is a testament to Rent a Space's commitment to innovation and the highest standards in the self-storage industry. Rent a Space is very proud of this prestigious recognition, and looks forward to achieving to many more milestones in the future!

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